Business breakfast: How much of a crisis are we living, and how much of the crisis is fleeting

Color Media Communications, publisher of Diplomacy&Commerce magazine and The Economist World Ahead for the region, including Croatia, in cooperation with its partner company Livit, gathered 30 CEOs, directors and managers at the Business Breakfast at the Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb. Special guest lecturer Richard Grieveson, Deputy Director at the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies and Research Associate at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, answered a number of questions: How much of a crisis are we living, and how much of the crisis is fleeting.

“In the time we live in, there is real danger of a nuclear war because two nuclear powers are currently at war, we are witnessing the creation of a new Cold War that is not like the previous one, but much more complicated and serious. On one side is the USA with its traditional allies, and on the other is the China-Russia block. In terms of economy, Eastern Europe is currently experiencing greater growth and is resisting the crisis better than Western Europe, and its voice is being heard more,” Grieveson said. Croatia and Romania are leading the way in withdrawing funds from EU funds, and are recording higher than expected growth.

The aim of the Working Breakfast was to analyze the situation mid-year and to hear predictions about what awaits us by the end of the year, so that businessmen can plan their business operations, said Boban Spasojević, the Project Director for Croatia.

Ivan Vrdoljak, CEO of Livit, a partner with whom CMC is collaborating on the project, this year announced the 5th issue of The Economist magazine “Svijet u” and the traditional conference, while it is possible that they will be hosting a Gala dinner on the occasion.

Friends of the event Kata Pavlović, CEO at Zepter Croatia and Peter Ferluga, Country Manager Balkans at De’Longhi Group, presented their companies and products.