De’Longhi innovative coffee pleasure

De’Longhi, a company that has been manufacturing household appliances since 1974, is offering innovative household appliances with a recognizable combination of Italian style and performances.

The appliances carry functional and elegant lines with innovative combinations of colours and materials. The trademark of all De’Longhi products is exactly the Italian way and the heritage of the quality of handmade products. De’Longhi espresso, mocha and filter coffee machines and super-automatic machines will turn a small coffee bean into a fragrant cup of this beverage where it releases all the aromas of freshly ground coffee with just one touch of the machine, and it will turn every user into a barista who can enjoy a cup of coffee in his own home.

 Why do Croats like to drink Italian coffee?

 A delicious cup of coffee is an integral part of the Italian way of life and a long tradition that enchanted the entire world. The culture of the coffee drinking ritual which is associated with chatting, laughing and enjoying the finest joys of life, comes precisely from Italy, and what makes the Italian way of enjoying this “magic black drink” special is the fact that coffee is served there in different ways. Espresso, lungo, macchiato and cappuccino are just some of the ways Italians prepare their coffee, most often with the help of legendary De’Longhi signature appliances.

So similar, and yet so different – when it comes to coffee, there is one significant distinction between the Italians and the Croats

Both Italians and Croats consider the pleasure of drinking coffee to be their safe harbour, a well spent time that can reset even the most stressful day and raise good vibes to a desirable level. In Italy and Croatia, people stop time to drink a cup of coffee, prepared how they like it the most, and to spend time with colleagues, friends and loved ones. However, there is one likeable difference between the coffee lovers of these countries, and that is the time they dedicate to drinking coffee. Passionate Italians will drink their coffee in a few sips, and in the heat of vibrant conversation would rather order another espresso than procrastinate, while Croats will give themselves time and enjoy each sip, mixing a little bit of coffee with a little bit of chatting.

Cappuccino and espresso according to Italian recipes are also available in Croatia

You don’t have to go to Trieste, Milan or Rome to get a cup of Italian coffee – Croatia how has the opportunity to quickly prepare and drink the finest coffee beverages! Italian family company

30 years of Croatian-Italian diplomatic cooperation celebrated with a fragrant cup of De’Longhi coffee

De’Longhi and the Italian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce are “raising a cup” this year and toasting the celebration of 30 years of diplomatic relations between Croatia and Italy. All the relevant Italian brands and companies that operate successfully in our region are represented through this cooperation.

The cult De’Longhi brand is thinking globally, so in the conquest of the world with coffee that brings a smile to your face, this Italian company was joined by Hollywood actor Brad Pitt, who is the face of De’Longhi appliances.

Whenever you want to drink the best coffee, you can do this at home with De’Longhi appliances because it is absolutely perffeto, from bean to cup.


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