DK festival : Predicting the future of public relations at dk2020

The 8th edition of DK festival is shaping up to be the best one ever. Not only will you get to meet esteemed marketers and communications industry leaders, but also prophetic public relations experts, who will motivate, inspire and teach you how to use all available resources to your advantage. Get ready for a battle with time from 2 to 4 April in Rovinj.

You will get to know the great Paul Holmes, often described as the most influential figure in the public relations industry globally. Yes, this is the trend-setter you see in almost every public relations textbook. He started his career in England working for local newspapers, and today the world knows him as the leader, founder and CEO behind the famous Holmes Report. When it comes to trends, one of them is timeless – sustainable success of public relations agencies and businesses in general, which can only be built on highest ethical and professional standards. “But today your brand is all the things that other people are saying about you and the challenge is to make sure that people are saying the right things.” So, what are people saying about you? How to take control? And the most important question – how to face the future of public relations? Paul Holmes at DK2020 is the man with the answers – find out how to prepare for the changing landscape of public relations and meet the challenges head-on to flourish as never before.

David Orlic’s work as Deputy CEO & Head of Innovation for Prime Weber Shandwick, the world’s most awarded public relations agency by Cannes Lions in the period 2010 – 2018 and also the 5th bravest and most innovative agency on the planet according to Contagious Pioneers 2017, was praised and covered by the New York Times and Obama Foundation. A multi-awarded creative director and business executive with 15 years of experience ranging from the corporate boardroom to the political campaign trail, Orlic is a trailblazer who will present a new paradigm of partnerships, enabling creatively led businesses to thrive in the coming decade. “Stop working for brands – start building your own” is his guiding principle. Join us in Rovinj to find out how to start your own brand from zero to one. As one of the few people with a Cannes Lions Grand Prix and an Oxford MBA, this expert in brand strategy, change management and creative development founded his company Orli& in 2020, advising many prominent clients, such as IKEA and Electrolux.

The public relations content at DK2020 is manifold: from different panel discussions to masterclass talks, where you will learn everything about new trends in the public relations industry and get the chance to meet distinguished experts who create these trends. In addition, there will be interesting content for students of public relations, and the winners of Grand PRix of the Croatian Public Relations Association will give a presentation to introduce you to their unique and inspirational ideas and projects that were recognized by the industry.


DK Festival is recognized as one of the best events in the world by the British Association Excellence Awards for its out-of-the-box approach, unique program, provocative production and top-notch organization. All year round we scour the world for the people who reshape the communications industry today. Only the 20 most interesting makers will have a chance to take the round stage and explain – what is going on in the world today.

The amazing DK2020 lineup so far consists of Keith Weed, the most influential CMO in the world; Rory Sutherland, a famous TED speaker; Chris Do, Emmy award-winning designer and Jedi master; James Whittaker, a former evangelist for Microsoft and Ari Popper, futurist and visionary. To find more information about DK festival, registration fees and accommodation, head to