Five years of IBSZ Bright Horizons


Under the auspices of the UK Embassy and with the support of the City of Zagreb and the International British School of Ljubljana, International British School of Zagreb – Bright Horizons, marked the 5th anniversary of its work and activities.

Established and approved by the Ministry of Science and Education in 2013, the IBSZ Bright Horizons applies the internationally recognized and fastest expanding educational program International Primary Curriculum IPC.

The ceremony that took place in the Kaptol Boutique Cinemas, was attended by numerous parents and children who presented their school with musical performances. In addition, IBSZ Bright Horizons was supported in their work and this ceremony by the attendance of the UK Ambassador to Croatia, Mr. Andrew Dalgleish, Assistant Head of the Education Sector of the City of Zagreb, Ms. Katarina Milković and the Director of the International British School of Ljubljana, Mr. Karl Wilkinson.

On this occasion, the founder of the school Ms. Milena Prodanić Tišma emphasized that through the continuous implementation of the International Primary Curriculum, the IBSZ Bright Horizons enables students to develop the knowledge and skills needed for professions that are not yet there, the professions of the future.

Furthermore, the founder explains how IBSZ Bright Horizons was opened to presents a possibility of continuing the pre-primary level of education provided by Kindergarten Horizons.

Furthermore, the founder explains how IBSZ Bright Horizons was opened to presents a possibility of providing a primary level of education for the pre-primary level provided by Kindergarten Horizons.

Ms. Prodanić Tišma emphasizes the importance and the unavoidable role that the IBSZ Bright Horizons has in implementing IPC program. The school was chosen as the host of an international conference that will gather teachers from 95 countries around the world whose primary schools apply the program.

Mr. Andrew Dalgleish, Ambassador of the United Kingdom, pointed out that the British Embassy in Zagreb has been supporting the IBSZ Bright Horizons since its very beginning and that, through its five year work IBSZ Bright Horizons has positioned itself as a first choice institution for children and parents who recognize the quality and importance of the IPC program.


IBSZ Bright Horizons, a member of the COBIS (Council of International British School), today counts 84 pupils from the first to sixth grade. This autumn, thanks to the parents’ satisfaction and enthusiasm of all their pupils, as well as the teaching and professional staff, IBSZ Bright Horizons will enroll the first seventh grade generation.

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