ITA CRO Business Awards Gala Evening 2023: Celebration of Cooperation between Italy and Croatia

In the sparkling surroundings of the Sheraton Hotel in Zagreb, the spectacular Gala evening of the ITA CRO Business Awards 2023 was held.  This sixth event in a row brought together high-ranking officials, representatives of diplomatic missions, businessmen, and representatives of the City of Zagreb and the Italian minority, creating an unforgettable harmony between elegance and business expertise. Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Grlić Radman, and Ambassador of the Italian Republic in Zagreb, H.E. Pierfrancesco Sacco, together with other dignitaries, highlighted their participation in the festive event and emphasized the importance of historical, cultural and economic ties between Croatia and Italy. Minister Grlić Radman particularly emphasized the importance of strengthening cooperation between the two countries, stressing that Italy has once again become Croatia’s first trade partner.

The director of the Italian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Andrea Perkov, expressed satisfaction with the results achieved through the synergy of all present. “This evening celebrates the excellent results achieved by the joint synergy of all of us,” Mrs. Perkov pointed out.

H.E. Pierfrancesco Sacco


H.E. Pierfrancesco Sacco, with visible pride in his voice, pointed out that during his entire mandate he made an extraordinary effort to improve relations between Italy and Croatia, and that he is extremely proud of the results achieved. Sacco openly shared his feelings mixed with pride and a little sadness, as his mandate in Croatia is coming to an end. “Although I feel a little sad because my mandate is coming to an end, pride fills my heart because we have achieved a lot. I tried to contribute to the best possible positioning of relations between Italy and Croatia, and I believe that together we have achieved significant progress,” said H.E. Pierfrancesco Sacco.

Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Grlić Radman

He added that, although the end of his mandate carries some nostalgia, the fact that numerous achievements have been achieved gives him satisfaction and the belief that the cooperation between the two countries will continue to strengthen in the years to come. His commitment and effort during his mandate clearly contributed to the improvement of diplomatic and economic ties between Italy and Croatia, leaving behind a legacy of cooperation that will be remembered and appreciated in the future. At this year’s event, a special award was given to Italian entrepreneurs in Croatia. Ducati components d.o.o., SL Mont d.o.o., ELI FRIUIA and Danieli & C. Spa, were highlighted as winners of this year’s awards for outstanding contribution to cooperation between the two countries.
The president of the Italian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Aldo di Biagio, thanked all members of the Chamber for their support and trust and emphasized that these eight months in the position of the Chamber’s president have been months of great work and satisfaction. Di Biaggio highlighted the significant growth of trade between Italy and Croatia, and announced new advantages brought by entry into Schengen. Despite global challenges, the Chamber of Commerce is experiencing growth, and the evening was an opportunity to reflect on the further improvement of the investment climate. President Aldo di Biagio emphasized the importance of the business family and cooperation with Italian institutions. With all the challenges brought by the current economic environment, the dinner was an opportunity to celebrate, recognize successes and strengthen friendly ties between Italy and Croatia. Congratulations were sent to all present with wishes for a successful end of the year and a prosperous coming year 2024.


Andrea Perkov, Boban Spasojević



Tea Knežević. Andrea Perkov, Josip Jagić