Let’ Mix It! The weekend will be led by famous stars Denis Sulta I James Zabiela in Barutana

Let’s Mix It! The weekend stands out again this year with its music program, which will take place on September 1th   and 2th  in Barutana on Kalemegdan in Belgrade, starting at 11 p.m. until 05:00. The line up of this event is made up of the currently most sought-after world performers, a masterful DJ and producer Denis Sulta, then British producer and Dj James Zabiela, LA LA, as well as local support, winner of the LMI competition DJ and producer Boško Baloš, finalist of this year’s LMI competition Ivan Sabo, while last year’s winner of the LMI competition Dj and producer Dakman will close the evening.

The first evening will be opened by the finalist of the LMI competition, DJ Ivan Sabo, who stood out with his with a dynamic set, through which House, BreakBeat Acid House, LA LA pass through Lorena’s knowledge of music history shines through in her sets, which she demonstrated at Boiler Room 2019 Denis Sulta, many single him out as one of the most exciting DJ, who equally skillfully controls house, techno, disco and hip hop sound. Sulta’s music represents a combination of everything that could be heard in house music – Chicago, Detroit, Disco and Acid, with elements of Latin and progressive sound, while his tapesmthey have the status of modern classics. He is extremely dedicated to the selection of tapes and care sets and performances create an incredible atmosphere. On the second night, the winner of the LMI competition, DJ and producer Boško Baloš, will perform. then the long-awaited, James Zabiela known for his virtuoso performances at the biggest world festivals. After more than a decade on the scene, according to numerous critics it became part of the British and world artistic heritage. That’s mostly what they are for due to his unsurpassed technical abilities in live performances, due to which has found a place in the hearts of electronic music fans around the world. He is known for with their sets in which you can hear the hottest ambient songs, as well as dirty acid house and techno tracks. Masterful selection, masterful mixing and masterful recognizing the energy of the crowd, he keeps everyone engaged during his set, on a very high level high level.

One of the most sought-after names on the local scene, DJ and producer Dakman, by conquest first place on Let’s Mix It! DJ competition 2022 gained visibility and recognition, with great potential. His sets are distinguished by sound 80s and 90s from which he draws inspiration and thus gives a special atmosphere to his own performances, and all of that blended into Deep, House with elements of Minimal. Full energy and emotions, of top quality, and this is where his passion and love for music. Dakman’s trademark is definitely complete dedication to study and production, what sets him apart from most DJs, because his production knowledge, creativity and collegiality will soon place him at the top of the scene.

Let’s Mix It! for several years now with his DJ competitions, through mentoring and educational programs, he works to affirm the domestic DJ scene, whose overriding goal is to lead domestic DJs on the right path, also to present the entire content of the music industry. Musical and production programs are designed for students to establish and improve their skills and they come out like professionals. Through LMI, we had the opportunity to cooperate with several cult clubs and festivals in the region and in Europe, where our students, DJs, had the opportunity to express their talent, win valuable prizes in cooperation with Players Music Store, in addition to the performance, they also expect a trip to Amsterdam, on the largest festival in Europe Amsterdam Dance Event, as well as many others activities: music production course, basic and advanced level (Ableton Live Suite) which will encourage the winner to immediately start developing his talent. Let’s Mix It! has laid a great foundation and concept, with the aim of giving young people hope electronic music industries continue to develop with quality support professional team and program scheme.