Pigmentbio : a permanent solution for skin prone to hyperpigmentation

BIODERMA has introduced new innovative support lines in the care of skin prone to hyperpigmentation.

The skin encouraged and inspired Bioderma to find biological solutions in preserving its health and beauty. Permanently.

It is known that time and various external factors on the skin leave traces such as dark spots and scars. Darker spots, which appear on the skin, dermatologists call localized hyperpigmentation and are caused by increased production of melanin, a brown pigment responsible for tanning in summer, which also protects the skin from harmful UV radiation that can cause skin cancer. When the skin is exposed to UV rays, the production of melanin is stimulated, which travels from the deeper layers of the skin to its surface, settles in the cells and gives them a darker color. But sometimes there can be a disturbance in its production and this causes hyperpigmentation that does not go away so easily.

There are highly effective dermatological treatments and therapies that reduce existing hyperpigmentation, and some of the best known are the Kligman trio and hydroquinone, combined to be recognized as the gold standard in the treatment of hyperpigmentation. However, these treatments are very intense and can cause irritation and sensitivity, which is why dermatologists limit the use of treatments to a maximum of twice a year for two months.

The French dermatological brand BIODERMA therefore offers an innovative solution to support the care of hyperpigmentation of the skin throughout the year. Bioderma Laboratory has found the perfect balance between effectiveness and tolerance and offered a complete line of products for skin prone to hyperpigmentation called Pigmentbio.

The pigmentbio line contains a patented formulation of the active ingredients Lumireveal ™ Technology that effectively works to reduce dark spots through 3 biological steps inspired by Kligman’s formula. With Lumireveal ™ Technology comes a vitamin boost that protects the skin and strengthens the skin barrier – vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin PP (niacinamide).

In this line you can find products for hygiene, day and night care, and the product that was especially singled out with this launch is the Pigmentbio C-Concentrate serum. It is a highly effective vitamin C for intensive removal of dark spots, which reduces their visibility twice after only a month of use. It contains fresh and very stable vitamin C which comes in its most effective form ascorbyl glucoside and thus has a long lasting effect inside the skin. With the help of glycolic and salicylic acid, it has a gentle exfoliating effect, while vitamin PP gives it hydrating properties and stimulates the strengthening of the skin barrier.