Post-covid strategy of Croatia Airlines

The Supervisory Board of Croatia Airlines has adopted a post-covid strategy which emphasizes that the company needs to improve efficiency and competitiveness, Croatia Airlines announced on Tuesday.The strategy, as stated, confirms that Croatia Airlines needs to increase business efficiency and competitiveness, and the company faces key operational and structural challenges that include fleet renewal and optimization of the flight network throughout the year.

A meeting of the Supervisory Board of Croatia Airlines was held on Monday, and a post-covid strategy has been developed in recent months together with consultants – Boston Consulting Group (BCG), in order to define steps that will enable sustainable business.

“Taking into account the trends in the highly competitive Croatian aviation market, fuel prices and CO2 emissions, as well as the goals of ‘green’ EU policies, the defined strategic initiatives have no alternative, and their implementation uses the opportunities offered by the next two years of air traffic recovery.” in a statement.

In order to achieve the goals defined by the post-covid strategy, Croatia Airlines will further digitalize its business by switching to the new SAP system and more advanced data use, improve management skills at all levels of management, insist on a balanced focus on quality, entrepreneurship, cost awareness and innovation. especially value the cooperation and initiatives of employees and social partners, whose constructive involvement will certainly contribute to achieving the goals of the strategy and increasing productivity, the statement said.

“With the accepted proposal of the post-covid strategy () Croatia Airlines will enter a new development cycle that includes the real transformation of existing models and modes of operation, which will last the next three years, as well as the estimated time of implementation of the most important strategic initiatives”, concludes Airlines.

The national airline reminds that the covida-19 pandemic caused a drop in traffic of 83 percent in the Croatian passenger air transport sector and that the further duration of the pandemic affected the business in 2021, in which a positive shift of 25 was achieved in the first six months. HRK 8 million, or 15 percent better result compared to the same period last year.