Višnja Ježić Sorić, President of the Franco- Croatian Chamber of Commerce : Connecting companies is our most important goal

We believe that the Franco-Croatian Chamber of Commerce and Industry plays an important role in connecting the French business community in Croatia, which we do through various formal and informal events, for Diplomay&Commerce says Višnja Ježić Sorić, President of the Franco- Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

  1. According to comments of members of the Chamber, how would you describe the current business year, what do you see as the biggest problems and how to resolve them?

Based on the comments of the Chamber members and the analysis of the current business environment, the current business year can be described as challenging, despite the good business results of the previous year and optimistic plans for the future. The current business environment is indeed shaped by a number of key challenges that reflect the dynamic nature of the global market, and which reflect on all of us, regardless of whether we are individuals and ordinary citizens or companies from different sectors. Emphasized challenges such as inflation, rising costs of energy and raw materials, and the problem of labor shortages really stand out as key factors that have the potential to seriously affect the profitability and sustainability of business. What further complicates the situation is the uncertainty about the limits to which these challenges will go and how long they will last. Given the aforementioned uncertainties, companies should adapt to the changing environment and consider different scenarios in their strategies in advance. This includes activities such as monitoring changes in the environment, diversifying suppliers and resources to reduce risks, investing in technology to increase business efficiency and actively participating in the development of their workforce and innovation.

  1. What is the Franco-Croatian Chamber doing to improve the business climate in Croatia, and to make the economic relations of the two countries even better?

Of the formal events, we would like to highlight the seminars that we organize in cooperation with the competent ministries, key stakeholders from legislation and the wider business community, as well as our B2B meetings and speed networking events, which we plan to conduct more intensively in the future. Of course, there are also our informal events and gatherings of members, which are, without a doubt, of exceptional importance within our activities. These relaxed gatherings allow us to build deeper relationships, exchange ideas and experiences, and maintain business contacts in a slightly more unconventional and friendly way. They are essential for strengthening mutual understanding and cooperation between our members.