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The added value and uniqueness of Algebra’s e-Leadership MBA is that the programme is implemented in cooperation with the lecturers from the American Kelley School of Business and the University of Indiana which is one of the top five business schools in the United States
that has taught MBA studies for over 100 years.

E very job has its own rules and principles. It is virtually impossible to become a top manager
at a higher organizational level today without completing a quality MBA study in which, in turn, you need to invest time and financial resources. In recent years, everything has become more complicated. Even business know-how itself is no longer sufficient for the strategic management of increasingly complex business organizations.
Without a real understanding of digital trends, growth is unimaginable in any business. Sooner or later, anybody who wants to progress on their managerial path has to make a decision to enrol in MBA studies. Choosing the right MBA study has become increasingly difficult – the labour market is becoming more competitive and truth be told, it is not easy
to ascertain in advance which study has the biggest potential and is closest to our needs, requirements and capabilities. Whether we like it or not, the time we live and work in is truly unique. We are deep into the 4th industrial revolution and are running towards a fully digitized economy and digital society. According to the most conservative estimates, at least 25% of the global economy will be based on digital technology by 2025, and literally, all global
corporations have already started changing their business models under the influence of digital technology. To acquire the knowledge needed for growth and survival in such a business eco-system is of crucial importance to anyone who wants to achieve a managerial career. We, in Algebra, are keenly aware of these facts which is the reason why, from the very beginning, our MBA programme has been devised in a way that is completely different from the rest. We would like to remind you that Algebra is one of the first higher education institutions in Europe that has developed and accredited the e-Leadership MBA programme.

This programme is developed in line with the BDS model (business + digital + strategic) and structured as a combination of core business competencies, knowledge of digital technologies and managerial skills. Algebra would like to underline that only this combination of knowledge can be the foundation of healthy growth in the era of the digital economy. Surviving in the labour market has never been so difficult as today. Everything we know changes over and
over again every day. Career advancements become unattainable without obtaining
new knowledge and skills. It is, therefore, time to think about investing in your future, perhaps through Algebra’s e-Leadership MBA programme. Through 17 modules, this two-year study
programme will give you 120 ECTS points and a higher education degree, as well as a precious networking experience, advancement, a full spectrum of new experiences, ideas, and knowledge, new confidence and a personal growth framework that you perhaps don’t even
dare to think about today.


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